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Valves Installation

Valves Installation

 Mega Plex Global Corporation Sdn Bhd extensively trained and certified technicians can perform routine maintenance and emergency service in your plant.  Our mobile trailers can also be located in your plant to perform a full range of valve repair services.  Portable electronic valve testing units allow us to perform in-line valve performance evaluation without loss of system operation or pressure.

    ~ On-Site evaluations

    ~ Mechanical repair and maintenance services consisting of valve re-packing, general maintenance, and valve repair.

    ~ Mobile repair trailers fully equipped with cleaning, machining, welding, lapping, and test equipment for the restoration of all types of valves and various parts.  Portable boring bars, flange re-facers, valve seat re-contouring machines provide, and an arrays of specialized equipment are available to meet most in-line machining applications.


Electronic valve testing equipment offers a cost effective method for in-line set point verification and adjustment of pressure relief valves

Experienced mobile field shop support teams are available 24 hours per day and utilize high technology equipment to safely troubleshoot, disassemble, rebuild, and reassemble on-site valves and specialized actuation equipment.  Our company provides a broad range of field repair and maintenance based on:


    ~ Fast call-out response and delivery of parts and service

    ~ Factory (OEM) trained technicians

    ~ Proactive maintenance programs